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    Hastings Sea Front
(Modern amusements,pier and promenade)

Name Derivation

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Hastings Pier
The Western end of the seafront is at Bulverhythe where the races were started in 1823.

The first railway to the area was arrived in 1846 and was built from Lewes to St Leonards. A second line opened in 1851 from Ashford via Rye to Hastings across the Romney Marshes . Finally in 1852 the London to Hastings line via Battle was opened, this line together with two tunnels linking St Leonards to Hastings provided the current railway infrastructure.

This brought an influx of tourists from the cities to Hastings , which prompted the building of St Leonards to house the visitors.

Further towards the East Cliff is Hastings Pier 910ft long and built on a frame of cast iron. Designed by the great british pier designer Eugenius Birch (1818-1884) the pier was opened to the public on 5th August 1892 by Lord and Lady Brassey , sadly now the pier is unsafe to go on.

The White Rock area was until 1834, a headland that protected the town from the sea this was demolished to allow a road to be built along the coast to join Hastings with the wealthier St Leonards, and later allow the construction of the promenade.

The Modern town can be seen from the seafront, then the West Hill with the Norman Castle, and as we head further East , the Stade and its modern amusements, the Hastings Old Town and finally the East Cliff .


Modern amusements on Hastings seafront
There are a number of shops and eating establishments along this stretch of the coast.


Fun fair on Hastings seafront
Hastings Seafront is an exceptional place to view Hastings, you can walk from Bulverhythe in the West to the East Cliff a distance of about 2 miles along the promenade .

The Victorian style of St Leonards and the pier whicjh opened opened 5th August 1872, H Hastings Castle on the West Hill , Hastings Old Town and the East Cliff can all be viewed while walking along the promenade.

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