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    Windmill Hill
(Largest Post Mill in Sussex)

Name Derivation

General Details

Windmill Hill is located on the A271 between Boreham Street and Herstmonceux.

It was originally two small hamlets Posey Green and Beacon Green both part of the Parish of Wartling .

A windmill was built probably at the beginning of the 1600's to provide flour for the iron foundry workers at Warbleton and Ashburnham . The first reference to the mill was on a map of Sussex from 1783.

In 1814 the old mill which was owned by John Pocock was demolished and replaced by the current windmill which is one of the largest post mills in Sussex, and possibly throughout Britain.

In 1894 the sails were removed, and a steam engine was installed by Neves of Warbleton to provide power.

In 1913 the mill ceased to mill corn, but was left as a landmark for shipping in the channel to use.

From 1860 a number of brickyards and a pottery were located in the village but became disused by the first world war.

During the First World War, the noise from the guns at the battle of the Somme could be heard if the wind was from the south east.

In 1944 a doodlebug landed at Beacon Green demolishing the houses.

in 1993 the Windmill Hill Stores original leaded glass windows were donated to Buckleys Yesterdays World of Battle for one of their recreated shop fronts.


The village has a few shops, a garage and a hotel with a view across to the coast. A tennis training centre is in the village.

The nearest main shopping centre is at Hailsham about 6 miles west. Eastbourne with its supermarkets is about 10 miles south.

The nearest train service runs from Pevensey about 6 miles south, this is on the main Eastbourne to Hastings line.


Windmill Hill is located on the ridge running between the hills to the north, and the sea at Pevensey Bay . The views both north and south are really pretty, but you need to leave the main road and stand and look to get the best from the countryside.

The old mill is now rebuilt, and is worth a visit on the few days per year that it is open.

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