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(Angels move the Church)

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St Marys church (Udimore East Sussex)
This village lying about 4 miles to the west of Rye on the B2089 has no real centre, and runs along a ridge for about 2 miles.

The official meaning of the name Udimore is from the Anglo Saxon meaning boundary of the woods. Local legend is far more interesting! It is said that where the church was to be built was unsuitable, being marshy ground near the river. Each night stones the church was to be constructed from were miraculously moved uphill to the current location. One night the locals stayed up to watch what was going on, and saw a host of angels carrying away the building materials chanting the words 'o'er the mere!' 'o'er the mere!', which soon became changed to Uddimere, and finally to Udimore .

After the Norman conquest, Udimore was given to the De Achyngham family, who became well known landowners owning land through to Etchingham and beyond.

The tiny building of St Marys church lies down a lane beside farm buildings, surrounded by orchards. The nave is Norman, dating from 1170, and the chancel is from the 13th century.

Edward's I and III stayed at Court Lodge, and while the latter was constructing the current Winchelsea , his Queen observed a sea-fight with the Spaniards, from the Udimore ridge.

Two Udimore families had members in a notorious smuggling gang based at the Red Lion in Brede . In 1828 menfolk from the Whiteman and Millis families were indicted at Horsham Assizes, and sentenced to transportation.

During the second world war, a Messerschmitt fighter was shot down over Udimore, and Mr Field a local shopkeeper, took the German pilot prisoner, and locked him in his shop until the Army arrived.


 Beautiful old house.
Udimore is a small village with only a few local services.

The main local shopping centre is in Rye with its many shops or Peasmarsh with its supermarket.

The nearest station is at Winchelsea with an hourly service to Ashford and Hastings .


Udimore runs along the top of the hill, and has fantastic views across the valleys to the south, towards Winchelsea .

Travel further towards Rye and then look south eastwards towards Dungeness and if the weather is clear then the power station can be seen, and even the cliffs in France if crystal clear.

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