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(Richard the Lion Heart's Gift)
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St. Mary the Virgin church (Salehurst East Sussex)  
Salehurst is an old Saxon settlement that is mentioned in the Domesday book(1086 AD), as having been destroyed by the Normans just before the Battle of Hastings in 1066 ( Battle ). It is believed that the illustration on the Bayeux Tapestry of Saxon homes being destroyed was based on events surrounding Salehurst .

Nowadays the area is arable, and many hops are grown in its surrounding fields.

In 1210 Robertsbridge Abbey was moved to a site opposite the church on the other side of the river. This event probably revived the hamlet of Salehurst , with the church being given its Salmander Font by the Abbot. This was a gift to Robertsbridge Abbey for its part in the discovery and eventual return of Richard the Lion Heart , from imprisonment by the Bavarians(See Robertsbridge ).

Robertsbridge Abbey was an important place as Henry III visited the Abbey in 1225 and 1264, and Edward II in 1295 and 1297. The body of Sir John Pelham and his wife were buried here and also Sir Edward Dalyngrigge ( builder of Bodiam Castle ) together with his wife.

During medieval times the main road from London came down from Hurst Green to the church at Salehurst , then across the valley and up into Robertsbridge .

In 1538, the abbey was closed by Henry VIII, and the village started to decline. The 1597 local records show about 50 properties in the locality of the church, nowadays 3 farms, and a dozen houses.

In the churchyard lie a number of tombstones decorated with Harmer terracotta plaques.

This village is associated with the Sussex Bonfire Societies , who provide noisy processions, unbelievable outfits and fantastic firework displays throughout the month of November - a spectacle not to be missed.


Salehurst has limited services, but nearby Robertsbridge about 1 1/2 miles has a wide variety, including trains and buses.

The church at Salehurst also services Robertsbridge , and there is a public house in the village.

The lack of local services is made up for by the peaceful rural atmosphere.

The nearest large town is Hastings about 10 miles South, the smaller towns of Battle approx 5 miles South, and Tenterden approx 10 miles North East also provide services for the area.


There are many views in Salehurst one of the best is from the other side of the Rother, found via the footpath beside the church, looking back towards Salehurst church.

This view can also be seen by walking down the small road which is found facing East in the middle of the Robertsbridge byepass (Fair Lane).

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