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(Last of the Iron Stocks)
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There is a legend that William the Conqueror flew his standard at Standard Hill on the current A269, before the Battle of Hastings on Senlac Field in Battle .

The village is mentioned in the Domesday book as having been badly damaged by the Conquerors forces in 1066 .

smuggling was prevalent in the area due to the nearness of the sea, the water extended from Northeye to Hooe , and up the Ashbourne valley to the area between Ninfield and Boreham Street. The area was perfect for smuggling, it is known that the nearby landlord of the Red Lion Pub in Hooe , James Blackman, was a member of the Groombridge Gang (1733 - 1749). The Area was probably also controlled by the infamous Hawkhurst Gang , as their sphere of influence included this area.

Due to the proximity to the iron furnace at Ashburnham , Ninfield still has an unusual relic of these times, its iron stocks and whipping post which are in the centre of the village, were probably manufactured in the 1700's.

The famous bird illustrator Basil Ede lived in the village.


Ninfield has a few local shops, and the bus service comes down from Battle to Sidley on the outskirts of Bexhill .

The nearest trains can be caught at Bexhill Station, on the Hastings to Eastbourne line.


Ninfield sits on top of a ridge which runs from Hooe to Bexhill . It is said that William the Conqueror had his standard planted on the highest point during the Battle of Hastings in 1066 .

To the north the hills roll away, and to the South, the coast at Normans Bay can be seen.

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