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    East Blatchington
(Mutiny and the Edge of Space)

Name Derivation

General Details

East Blatchington is nowadays a suburb of Seaford , but was originally a village in its own right. It lies just off the coast road near to Seaford and Bishopstone .

The area was settled by the Romans probably as a port to transport goods from the inland farms to Europe, the area was taken over by the Saxons after the Romans left . The village originally ran from the church down the hill to the duck pond.

In 1794 a very large barrack was built just north of the village by the army, and was used extensively during the Napoleonic Wars . During its early years,the soldiers were badly supplied, and 500 men from the Oxford militia mutinied and occupied Seaford . The townspeople gave them their provisions and alcohol, the following day the regular army based at the fort in Newhaven overpowered the militia, and 25 mutiners were arrested.

The leaders were executed, and the others punished. The barracks were left lightly manned throughout the 1800's and early 1900's , then became a staging post for the soldiers fighting in France , who were shipped from Newhaven . After the First World War the barracks were closed and demolished.

In 1862 Henry Coxwell was invited by the British Balooning Association to explore the heights of the atmosphere. Together with a Dr James Glaisher they ascended to 26,000ft and kept climbing where upon Glaisher became unconcious due to the cold and lack of oxygen, Coxwell whose hands had frozen opened the release valve with his teeth and both men safely descended to earth.


East Blatchington has no services as such, but is provided with the range of services in Seaford .

The nearest large shopping centre is at Newhaven about 3 miles west.

Trains are available from nearby Seaford .


The old high street , known as Blatchington Hill is quite attractive as the buildings are quite old, and Seaford Head and the downs lie at the end of the view.

The views from Seaford and the coastline are very pretty.

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