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    Cross in Hand
(The Crusaders Assembly)

Name Derivation

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Cross In Hand Sussex - The old windmill
Cross in Hand lies 2 miles to the West of the market town of Heathfield on the A265.

An eye catching feature here is the old post mill.

'The New Mill' as it is named (The old mill went out of action in 1903), was built at Mount Ephraim in Framfield , and moved to Cross in Hand in 1855.

However the local Squire (Squire Hurth), did not approve of its proximity to his mansion and grounds, where local gossip suggested that there were unseemly goings-on! It was then moved again to its present location 1/4 mile away in 1868, carried on rollers, and pulled by a team of oxen.

In 1868 the partnership of Newnham and Ashdown commenced grinding at the mill. This family association continued until 1969, when a stock broke, while the mill was working. However the sails may turn again, as a restoration programme is under way.

The village used to have 2 fairs a year, on 22nd June and 19th November,when the landlord of the Cross in Hand Hotel, was expected to prepare a feast of roast beef and plum pudding with all the trimmings for the revellers.

Traditionally the fairs featured weight lifting contests.

These were always won by Strong John Saunders, a local miller who could lift 2cwt. He died in 1835, at the age of 82.

A cottage industry that grew to greater things was established at Homestalls, in New Pond Hill, where George Foord lived with his wife Eliza and son Thomas.

Mrs Foord made ginger beer for the thirsty workmen in the fields. The young Thomas must have paid careful attention to his mothers creation, as in later life he made a successful business from it. He is recorded in Kelly's Directory of Sussex for the year 1882 :'Foord,Thomas Manufacturer of Ginger Beer, lemonade, soda, seltzer, potash, ginger ale and other mineral waters for which he is famous'. He was also the Parish Surveyor at an annual salary of 10, and also found time to be a farmer as well.


Cross In Hand Sussex - St Bartholomew church
The nearest town is Heathfield about 2 miles East, for further larger shopping centres, Eastbourne lies about 12 miles south, and Tunbridge Wells about 12 miles north.

Busses pass through the village, however the nearest trains run from Wadhurst about 8 miles north east, or Tunbridge Wells .


Cross In Hand Sussex - The main street
Cross in Hand has some nice views from the top of the hill on the Lewes road.

The road down the hill towards Lewes has a very nice deciduous tree lined view, which looks beautiful in an autumn afternoon.

On the back road from the Lewes road to the Tunbridge Wells road lies the windmill, which provides a striking contrast to the blue sky.

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