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Catsfield Sussex - The village center
Catsfield can be found on the B2204 Battle to Ninfield road.

Its name could have come from the Saxon tribe the Catti, who settled in the area, or possibly from Saint Cedd who is said to have built the church here.

In the Domesday book the area was known as Cedesfille, and was controlled by a Norman priest called Wrenc, prior to 1066 , the area was held by Elfalm, a Saxon. The village was not destroyed as so many other villages in the area were during the Norman invasion of 1066 , but its value was halved, so quite a lot of damage was inflicted.

After the reformation in 1536 the Advowson for the village was acquired by John Ashburnham from nearby Ashburnham .

At the end of the 1500's, it was purchased by Thomas Alfraye, the lord of the Manor of Catsfield, a rich and influential Ironmaster. In the early 18th century the Ashburnham family who had also become rich re purchased the advowson.

At the end of the 1600's, Catsfield Manor was purchased by the London clock and watchmaking family the Markwick's.

In 1791 Princess Lamballe one of Marie Antoinette's ladies in waiting, was sent with the queens jewels for safe keeping to Lady Gibbs at Catsfield Place. Marie Antoinette was executed in 1792 during the French Revolution.

The uncle of Mad Jack Fuller of Brightling , John Fuller used to own Catsfield house, originally known as Broomham and Parkgate, which remained in the family until 1865, when it was sold to Thomas Brassey. Thomas was a railway pioneer who built lines in India, Canada and Australia, he was associated with George Stephenson.


Catsfield East Sussex - The New Church is now a house
Catsfield lies on the B2204 between Battle and Ninfield , it has the usual small village services.

Battle is the nearest shopping centre about 3 miles to the north east, this is also on the London to Hastings main line train service.

The nearest large shopping centre is at Bexhill , together with the main line train service to Eastbourne .


Catsfield East Sussex - St Laurence church
Catsfield has some nice views from the Battle road.

The village centre away from the road is quite pleasant, and the old church is beautiful.

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