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    Cade Street
(Jack Cade and the Kentish rebellion)

Name Derivation

General Details

Cade Street Sussex - The Independent Chapel
Cade Street lies one mile east of Heathfield, on the B2096.

This place gets its name from one Jack Cade , who, in 1450, organised the Kentish Rebellion . He lead an army of insurgents to London, where they beheaded the Treasurer, Lord Saye.

A roadside monument stands just north of the Battle road, announcing that Jack Cade , rebel, was killed here by Alexander Iden, Sheriff of Kent( see Iden ).

Cade did not actually die here, but was found mortally wounded in a nearby garden, and died on the way to London, where his head was fixed upon London Bridge.
It is possible that Jack Cade was killed at Hothfield near Ashford , and that Cade Street was named in error.

(See also our Jack Cade page)

Also to be found in Cade Street , is the Independant Chapel. Built in 1767 it is a simple symetrical building with an oval window over its south facing porch.

(Our thanks to Alf Rogers for the following details) The Independent Chapel at Chapel Cross was always considered a part of Punnetts Town in my time. My father is buried in the Chapel grounds. Incidentally, the chapel was known locally for many years as 'The Chocolate Church' from a habit of the Pastor, one PJ Pont, to distribute those delicacies to the children attending Sunday school.

Inside the Chapel, and decorating headstones in the churchyard are several very attractive relief plaques of terracotta. These were made in the early 19th century by Jonathan Harmer of Heathfield . The colours of the plaques vary from cream to red, and feature such designs as cherubs, vases and baskets of fruit.
The terracottas can be seen in several churchyards in the Heathfield area, and there is a small exhibition featuring them in the Anne of Cleves House museum in Lewes.


Cade Street East Sussex - The Monument to Jack Cade
Cade Street , as it is only about 2 miles from Heathfield has very few services, with the majority in the town centre.

An infrequent bus service from Battle to Heathfield passes through the village.

The nearest train service is in Stonegate about 7 miles north east, or Wadhurst about 7 miles North, both on the London Hastings line, which provides 20 minute services in the rush hour, and hourly in between.


Cade Street East Sussex - Towards Old Heathfield
If you park in the Chapel car park on the Battle road then look south the downs at Eastbourne are visible, in all their splendour.

Park in the village, by the village green and war memorial. Walk back to the main road and then along the main road towards Heathfield . To the north of you is the valley with Broad Oak and the Heathfield Horse Racing track in the distance.

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