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    Boreham Street
(Picturesque village on top of the Ridge)
Domesday Community

Name Derivation

General Details

The high street
Boreham Street is part of the parish of Wartling , and therefore shares much of its history. The village is about 2 miles north of Wartling Hill, the other part of the parish where the church is located.

In the Domesday survey, it had a population of 280, land able to support 18 ploughs, woodland for 200 pigs three salt workings, and a chapel.

The chapel was mentioned as being given to the College of Hastings by the Count of Eu . The current church dates from the 13th century, and is believed to lie on the land where the chapel used to be.

During the late 1500's there were a large number of French names recorded in the church register, it is probable that they had been employed at Ashburnham and other local Furnaces to help set up the process.

In the church are two very rare iron tombstone heads, which were provided by Jonathan Harmer of Heathfield .

During the second world war many defense pill boxes were built in the area, to protect from invasion through the Pevensey Marshes . To the East of the church is a command post built to cover the Marshes and the Ashbourne valley.


Boreham Street Sussex - Looking West
Boreham Street has a number of restaurants, and a garage, and between itself and Windmill Hill is a modern tennis training centre.

Wartling Hill is very small, and only has the Church a public house and post box for services.

The nearest train service is from Pevensey to the south west which is on the Hastings to Eastbourne line.


Boreham Street East Street - Weatherboard House
Boreham Street is a very pretty village built on the main Ninfield to Hailsham road, and its high street has many beautiful buildings.

It is on the top of the ridge, and has many wide vistas to the north across the Ashbourne valley, and during the 17th century, it would have been possible to see the smoke from Ashburnham Furnace, and the cannons being shipped downstream.

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