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(Last iron furnace in Sussex)
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Ashburnham Sussex - Ashburnham Place
Near to Ashburnham and Penhurst at Creep Wood is an old earthworks probably dating from Pre-Saxon times, the site is about 250 metres long .

Ashburnham is mentioned in the Domesday book, as being badly effected by the Normans, who reduced its value from 6.00 prior to the invasion to 1.00 after the invasion. Its value increased back to 9.00 by the time of the Domesday survey, probably due to the Iron workings, and salt workings on the Pevensey levels which would have been tidal at the time.

In the 12th century records show that Reginals de Oseburnham granted lands in Ashburnham to the Abbey in Robertsbridge.

Ashburnham was controlled by the Ashburnham family from the 1100's until 1953, when Lady Catherine Asburnham died.

In 1649 King Charles I was executed, and some gruesome souveniers were brought back to the church, which were believed to have healing properties. These consisted of the shirt, silk drawers, and garters which he wore when executed, together with his watch, a lock of his hair, and the sheet thrown over the body. The items were brought back by John Ashburnham, the King's Groom of the Bedchamber, who was also the MP for Hastings .

The Iron blast furnace and forge were owned by the Crowley family at Ashburnham the furnace which was the last one in Sussex to be extinguished in 1813, and its forge which closed 1826.

In the graveyard are a number of examples of Harmer terracotta embossed grave stones, dating from the early 1800's.


Ashburnham East Sussex - The Tower
The parish of Ashburnham spreads for quite a distance towards Brown Bread Street , and has very few amenities.

The nearest town is Battle about 6 miles to the east, with many shops, and the main line station from Hastings to London.

Busses can be caught at Brightling , Ninfield or Battle , but it is unlikely you would live around this area without a car.


Ashburnham East Sussex - St Peters Church
The Ashbourne valley is very pretty, and the Tower House is unusual, but very hard to find.

The area around is full of small lanes, steep hills and small rivers.

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